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Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag

Forget Baskin Robbins here!!! This is fresh homeade ice-cream made in under 10 minutes! With Summer around the corner I figured this would be a great time to post this exciting¬†recipe.¬†This activity was so much fun for me to do with the kids. I didn’t believe this could work but it did! It’s cheap, easy, and tasty.

Homemade Easy Ice Cream In A Bag


What You’ll Need
2 Large Freezer Bags
Ice -Enough ice to fill 1/2 of one large freezer bag
1/2 cup of salt (this doesn’t go in the actual ice cream) kosher salt works faster but you can use regular salt if you have that in your pantry.
1L carton of half and half cream (1 cup of cream per person in your family)
2 tbsp of sugar per person in your family
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract per person on your family
Cones or your favourite ice cream toppings

In freezer bag # 1, fill half the bag with ice
Add the salt in the bag
Put it aside


In freezer bag # 2, add the cream, vanilla and sugar.
Take out the access air and seal the bag.
Put the sealed cream bag inside of the ice and salt bag.
Seal the bag and shake the bag for 5-8 minutes until your ice cream hardens.

When finished, open the bag and serve in a cone or in a cup with toppings.

We were all amazed!